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by on September 27, 2013

wedding is a huge occasion in a woman’s life and the wedding dress is what you will celebrate it in, so we can understand if you are flustered with the options for a truly memorable gown.

We say, simply refer to your body shape for best guidance.

Now we know it’s hardly flattering to refer to living entities as apples, pears, or bananas, and you have our apology at the start of it all, but this nomenclature has been in place for a while. Rather than pay too much attention to the words themselves it would help to understand the concept behind them. Roundness lacks definition, as does a straight line. The aim should be to break this monotony, and create curves in the right places to obtain a flattering silhouette.

Let this be your rule of thumb then.

It’s all about creating definition, proportions, and the right silhouette. Anything that is looking too big or out of proportion with regard to the rest of the body, should either be clothed in a way that slims it down. Or you could enhance other parts to create an overall proportion.

In each case you strive to create a balance.

While many styles may suit different body types, we have presented here some of the best styles for each body type.

So without further adieu, here goes!

For pears

Women with heavier bottoms than busts are classified as ‘pears’.

Your butt is your asset. Play it off with a body hugging dress that enhances your attractive posterior.

Straps or longer sleeves on top will lend a nice balance to your frame.

A detailed lace work along the sleeves will also impart a delicate touch to the gown.

If straps do not engage your fancy, opt for strapless dresses with in-built padded bras to enhance your bust.

A one-shoulder strap will also create just enough body on the top and lend a good balance to your heavier bottom.

For apples

Apples, as the label suggests, are rounder on the top than they are lower down. They are also referred to as ‘top-heavy’.

You will be well-served by gowns that start flaring down at the waist, with preferably a cinch just below the rib cage to give your midsection definition. This bounce will act as a good counterweight to your heavier arms and bust.

Depending on whether you have arm fat that is bothering you, you can opt to go sleeveless and settle on thin straps that stay perched at the end of each shoulder. The ‘V’ that forms going into your décolletage will lend a superbly feminine touch to your ensemble. It will also create an hourglass-like shape for you, balanced by the flounce of the gown.


They will give your body a soft, feminine touch.

Avoid long sleeves as they will only contribute to your roundness which is what we are steering you away from. Sleeves with a stiff collar, the type that Kate Middleton wore for her wedding, may take the edge off your rounded shoulders and may even look good but will also make you look mature.

For bananas (aka columns)

This happens to be the most common body shape in the general population, with one study putting it at 40%.

This body shape typically lacks curves (hence the word column). Think of the tall runway models, most of them have got to be a banana though it’s difficult to tell what one’s true body shape is when one is so skinny. This body type can pull of androgynous clothes the best and never have a problem slipping into their jeans or blazers. When it comes to dresses, however, it’s a different story as dresses are best served by curves.

An A-line gown will do wonders for this body type. That’s because it will create a feminine silhouette for you.

At the same time, a dress that hugs you in the middle and flares out as it goes downward will also create a pretty girly silhouette.


For hourglasses

As far as curves are concerned, this is one blessed body shape. However, it also runs the risk of being branded heavy, voluptuous, and plain fat the frame gets heavier by just a few pounds.

The reason being that in this body shape both the bust and the hips are rather full, of equal size, so any additional fat makes them look even bigger, while also expanding the waist.

As we have seen with other body shapes, a plus can quickly become a negative if there’s too much of it. Which is why you ought to take your body fat into account as much as its original body shape.

If you are heavy around the middle, opt for a gown that hugs you ever so slightly around the middle and flares considerable as it falls all the way to your ankles. A strapless bodice that shows off those fabulous shoulders and bust will only enhance your sexiness.

If you are a slim hourglass, on the other hand, a mermaid gown will make you look divine.

Conclusion: Many women do not fit any shape to the T, or despite knowing their true body shape they may not be able to find clothes that flatter them the most because of weight fluctuation. How you style yourself depends as much on your basic body shape as it does on what rests on that shape – skin &bones, muscles, and fat. If you happen to be at a stage in life where you are getting married and are not sure of your shape and are not finding any popular advice on this of much help, you might want to consider getting a custom made dress, which will be tailored to your unique shape. We hope this post has given you enough ideas about how to balance your proportions regardless of if you are top heavy or bottom heavy. Now find a great dressmaker and design for yourself a wedding gown to remember!

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