Wedding Dresses
by on February 1, 2018

            Of course brides come in all shapes and sizes, but it can be difficult for plus-sized brides to find that perfect dress. This is because the average sample wedding dress available at most stores for brides to try on come in size 8. If you're a curvy bride, check out these tips to remember when shopping for your wedding dress.

Call Ahead – If you're worried that some bridal shops may not have your size in sample dresses, why not save time by calling ahead to ask. Get a list of a few shops in your area or contact a dress maker to find out if they offer plus-size wedding gowns.

Set a Budget – No bride should ever go dress shopping without setting a budget unless she's incredibly rich. It's best to set a budget before beginning your wedding dress shopping to avoid disappointment when you can't afford the one you fall in love with.

Choose the Right Material – In order to look your best on your special day, choose a wedding dress that is made out of a thick material that will hold you in and smooth everything out. Avoid gowns made with silk or satin and instead opt for ones constructed with a fabric like taffeta.

Opt for Comfort – Whatever you do, make sure you feel extremely comfortable in the wedding dress you choose. There's nothing worse than being uncomfortable and fidgeting with your dress on your big day when you're supposed to be having a blast with family and friends.

Be Confident – You shouldn't ever be afraid to try on different styles you never thought you would wear or ask the bridal consultant for a large size. Don't be ashamed of your size, own your curves and strut your stuff when you try on gowns.

Have Fun – Plus-size or not, always remember to have fun when shopping for your wedding gown. This should be a time to create beautiful memories, not stress yourself out.

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