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by on February 1, 2018

            Every bride has a budget for the venue, dress, food, entertainment and floral packages which will make her wedding spectacular. If you're a bride on a tight budget, check out these 5 simple things you can do to save a bit of money on your wedding flowers.


Buy In Season – Not many brides know that buying stems which are not in season is quite costly. The best thing you can do to save some money is to purchase flowers that will be in season around the time of your wedding. For example, cherry blossoms, orchids, peonies and lilies are generally less expensive in the spring because this is when they are in season. 

Buy In Bulk – Another way to cut the cost of your wedding floral budget is by buying your flowers in bulk. Shop around online and locally for a wholesale supplier who will give you an awesome deal on your flowers.

Choose Big Blooms – The bigger the bloom you choose, the less you'll need to fill a centerpiece or bouquet. Peonies, dahlias, and hydrangeas are great options when it comes to wedding appropriate big blooms.

Choose Affordable Varieties – Many brides dream of walking down the aisle surrounded by hundreds of beautiful peonies, but they're rather costly. If you wish to include a particularly expensive flower in your wedding pieces, it's best to look for cheaper alternatives that are similar. For example, a few cheaper alternatives for peonies include ranunculus, double flowering tulips and the cabbage rose.

Create Your Own Arrangements/Bouquets – There's no need to hire a professional florist when you can design your own arrangements. If you're big day is soon approaching, save money on your wedding flowers by arranging your own centerpieces or bouquets. There are plenty of videos online that show you step by step how to create some stunning designs.

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