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by on December 15, 2013

Ms. Fournier’s passion and obsession is event and wedding planning

LAVAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, October 10, 2013, Carole Fournier, Owner, Event and Wedding Planner and Coordinator of L’Art de vous Servir, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in event planning.
L’Art de vous Servir is a type of travel agency that provides event planning with bar, kitchen, catering, and other services, personnel, hotel industry services, caterers, wedding packages, and equipment rental. It goal is to provide the impeccable service at receptions, cocktail parties, events and more, that everyone speaks about. Whatever style, banquet, buffet, cocktail reception, dish, location, it can accommodate.
If a client is looking for a trip (business and pleasure), honeymoon, or vacation at a good price, but does not want to spend time on the Internet searching for it, or wants to plan a wedding in a dream destination without breaking the bank, L’Art de vous Servir can advise and assist.
The company has several partners as caterers in many cultures (Italian, Greek, Haitian, African, Canadian, Indian, Peruvian and more) and for all budgets. So whether the event is large or small scale, it can accommodate the needs and expectations with a professional and loyal staff. The staff is carefully selected for its experience, devotion, charisma, passion, honesty, respect and flexibility to properly represent one’s likes and conveyed values to the guests. For more information about L’Art de vous Servir, visit

L’Art de vous Servir was founded in 2005 by Ms. Fournier, who, overall has 20 years of experience. Her role requires her to socialize and meet with others. She is very organized in the field and at home, which is especially important when handling such tasks as accounting, bookings and returning calls.
She has been has been working with several caterers for 10 years; she has even owned a small health bistro and a maintenance company, which prompted this company to specialize in private and corporate level detail. Ms. Fournier has been a travel agent since 2005, and is still a student in the world of event and wedding planning, which is her passion and obsession. In five years, Ms. Fournier plans to do more wedding planning.
She attributes her success to her discipline, hard work, and passion for the events and wedding industries, as well as being a people person, liking others, being loyal to others and treating them well. She became involved in her profession because she was working in accounting for a caterer. She was also in the restaurant business when she was young, as well as a waitress in a hotel. She also used to be an insurance representative. She then decided to start her own business in planning and travel. She has been working in the industry for a while; at first, it was part time, and she had a full-time job as well. Eight years ago, she decided to launch her own agency, providing for caterers, golf clubs, restaurants, halls, and corporate and private events.
Ms. Fournier undergoes continuing education with coursework in accounting and banking. She holds an insurance certificate and has taken travel agent and wedding master planner courses. She has held numerous memorable events, such as: a fundraising dinner of Mega Brands in collaboration with JABS, and 800 launches with car dealers and various shops (2012); Rogers Cup Tennis Canada in August 2012; a benefit dinner for Martinique Tourism Action for 250 people (2011); Port and chocolate tasting at Beaver Hall for 500 people, with Desjardins (2011); Dinner for the benefit of tourism in Africa with 250 people, in collaboration with Orchid Flower (2011); Salon Passion chocolate festival at Bonsecours Market with 1,000 people (2010); and a launch of Gold’s Gym in Rosemere in November 2009 for 500 people, in collaboration with Muses Events. She contributes to various charitable organizations. Her hobbies are traveling, walking with her dogs and children, and reading.

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