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Who doesn't want to look awesome on their wedding day? Every woman dreams of being a glowing and gorgeous bride, the cynosure of all eyes, a picture to proudly remember forever.

A peaches-and-milk complexion is very much a part of this picture. And the good news is that the glow you so want is achievable but it won't come overnight. There is a process behind it that you will have to diligently follow  to achieve the best results.

We realize the Internet is more than full of tips and tricks to prep your skin for wedding, which is why we are not going to look at the most suggestions everybody starts with – cleanse, tone, moisturize, apply sunscreen; drink lots of water, etc.

We are assuming you already know that and are ready to take it further. We will, however, insist that you achieve your glow the health way and not the makeup way alone. We are more than certain that the following suggestions will stand you in good stead and give you the complexion you desire.

Eat at least one fresh fruit a day, preferably for breakfast

Water-based fruits like oranges, melons, grapes, cranberries, and pomegranates are manna for your skin. They contain a host of nutrients that contribute to your overall health as well. Consume these at the breakfast as your body needs these nutrients the most as it prepares to deal with the upcoming demands of your day.

Also, if you have your fruit in the morning you will not feel bad about ingesting sugar considering that your body needs sugar this time of the day!

Up your protein intake

Protein aids in repairing the wear and tear in our bodies, which is why we need a good dose of it on a daily basis.

But did you know that our body's need for protein shoots up when we are sick, traveling, or under stress?
 It doesn't matter whether it is physical, mental, or emotional stress since it all puts our body through strain and has a negative effect on our health.

Wedding preparations are an exciting but also very stressful time. There will be a million demands on your energy and your attention will be pulled in many different directions.

All of which will affect your skin. If you want to emerge from this period looking better than ever than it's not enough to just sleep well. You will also have to correspondingly increase your intake of protein so that your body has plenty of it when carrying out repair work in the night.

This is the time to feast on sushi, sashimi, shellfish, chicken, lean beef, eggs, or any good protein of your choice. Make sure to ingest in the region of 90-100 grams of protein a day. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, turn to a respected whey protein supplement for best results.

Keep your diet high in anti-oxidants

Take multi-vitamin supplements regularly. But on top of that we also recommend a separate daily intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin E (or any Omega 3) supplements.

Anti-oxidants fight free radicals in our bodies which are primarily responsible for aging. Have you ever noticed how traditionally coastal cultures, or cultures with a high consumption of sea food, usually produce people with the best skins? By the 'best skin' we mean skin that keeps looking flawless, glowing, and young even when it's well into its 40s.

The secret is the protein and the ample amount of anti-oxidants in the seafood. 

Scrub your skin every other day

Just like you should not work out vigorously every single day, similarly you should not exfoliate your delicate facial skin daily either. Give your skin some time to recover form the previous scrubbing or you will end up harming your skin. Buy the best scrub you can find and apply it to your face gently every other day, preferably before going to bed.

Apply a retinoid cream at night

Retinoid creams are quite popular and trusted for ridding your face of pigmentation, acne, scars, even fine lines. They give your skin a tightness that brings about an inimitable glow. Apply a good retinoid cream on a clean face for a couple of hours each night. Wash it out thoroughly before going to bed. For overnight recovery, turn to a medicated lotion that fights pigmentation and evens out the skin tone as you sleep.

Do breathing exercises

You most likely will have an exercise regimen ahead of your wedding, which is great. But don't stop there. Include yogic breathing exercises in your routine as well. These will bring a ruddiness to your facial skin, which will have others wondering what you have been up to!

For hair...

...remember the golden rule:
 Any foods and supplements that are good for your skin are also good for your hair.

By introducing a lot of protein and good fats into your diet you have already strengthened the building blocks of your hair. Once that is taken care of, turn to external applications.

For thick and dry hair we recommend using a strong and nourishing keratin hair mask/treatment at least once a week. Same goes for if you have colored hair or hair treated to a lot of heat and chemicals on a regular basis. Apply smoothing serums liberally once the hair is washed and prior to blow drying it or using heat on it. As a rule sleep with your hair tied up in a satin wrap.

General tips to look great on your wedding day:
  • Avoid foods that bloat you up.
  • Eat for functionality rather than taste.
  • Meditate for at least an hour or two the night previous.
  • Breathe deeply as you go off to sleep.
  • Rehearse walking around in your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup for at least a few hours days before your wedding so that you will know what to tweak, and will be perfectly ready when the big day comes. 
  • Store your wedding dress well. (Check out a website like to find fun hanger ideas.)
  • Don't get into arguments. Learn to ignore anything that threatens to upset you.
  • Keep your focus right and your mind calm. Drop silly expectations and enjoy your day!
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