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by on August 30, 2013
    This wedding ceremony had class, style and beauty written all over it! We always enjoy performing at Baillie’s court in the Art Gallery of Ontario. “Baillie Court is located on the third floor of the newly constructed south tower and is accessed by three guest elevators. With Douglas fir finished, sound proof and retractable air walls, Baillie Court can be divided into three separate and distinct event spaces. A custom designed ceiling grid houses a range of lighting, sound and other in house features.” Annie and Alex chose a program and selection of traditional classical music, that really seemed to fit with the modern venue and the style to their ceremony, from the first notes of Pachelbel Canon to the last strains of the Mendelssohn wedding March as guests were clapping and celebrating the newly married couple. Ceremony songs: Bridesmaids: Pachelbel Canon Bride: Wagner Wedding March (Here Comes the Bride) Signing: Vivaldi: Winter from the Four Seasons Recessional: Mendelssohn: Wedding March Photo source: Wedding Venue: AGO Ceremony Music: Duo d’Amore-string duos, trios and quartets
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by on January 19, 2013
Take a deep breath, & let the planning begin... Lets take a look at the Top 10 Wedding Color Combos For 2013! Here Comes The Bride, All Dressed In ...Red? And The Color Of The Year Is... It looks like the kind folks from the Pantone Color Institute are responsible for this one....Tangerine Tango & Pink. Pantone declares tangerine tango as a "bright and encouraging color" and as such, is a perfect combo for your spring or summer wedding. However, tangerine alone can certainly be a bit overwhelming used on its own, so it could use a little sumpin-sumpin' to calm it down a little. Enter hot pink. Now I know you're saying hot can that be calming? There's something about pink that despite the shade adds a softness to whatever it touches. Can't you just picture your bridesmaid's bouquets in all roses of tangerine and pink with maybe a little yellow thrown in for fun? Your Wedding Decor Is In The Pink Blush Pink & Pewter Gray. Now I'll admit to being a pink fan from way back, but this pink is not the pink you would be pairing with the Tangerine Tango hotness mentioned above. This is the softest of pinks, think the faint blush of a baby's cheek. Paired with grey, which is on a high it hasn't seen in years, it's a gorgeous and elegant color combination. Throw in a little bling with some diamond mesh wrapped votives or mercury glass vases and you have a stunning look that will create an audible intake of breath when guests first lay eyes on your reception venue, I promise! Grey IS the new black!   Vintage Wedding With Your Grandmother's Blue Willow China Blue Willow & White. At a loss for what else to call this color and very hesitant to tag it with a handle like Royal Blue which sounds like it belongs in a nautical themed wedding, I'll call it Blue Willow like the famous china of the same name. Of course, Pantone would call it Sodalite Blue, another on their list of hot colors for 2012, but hey, what do they know, right? You'd think they were color experts or something! The great part about this shade of blue is that it's flattering to just about everyone, so your bridesmaids will love you for it! Ditto your groomsmen, since men are famous for their love of blue. Not to mention with the emphasis on vintage still in full swing, despite Huffington Post's misguided assertion that vintage is dead, you can use readily available pieces of blue & white china for centerpieces and decor. Throw in a little red if it's a military wedding or sunny yellow which looks fabulous with blue & white and you have an amazing color palette. The NonColor Color...White White On White - The beauty of white for a wedding is absolutely unparalleled. When you think of white, most people think of a stark color, but white can be so much more. How about cream, ivory, buff, eggshell, vanilla, magnolia, ecru, beige...the list of beautiful whites goes on and on, including an off-white called Starfish tagged as a hot color for 2012 by Pantone. Mixing different shades of white in your wedding decor can look incredible together if you're careful about the undertones of the whites you are using. Some whites have a bluish undertone, giving them a cool look, others have a brown undertone which tends to warm them up a bit. The fun part about using white on white is you can play with texture to really make the differences in the whites stand out. An example would be using a stark white tablecloth for your reception tables with a beautiful khaki (also a form of white!) damask runner and a cluster of milk glasses vases as the centerpiece filled with peonies, roses, and dahlias all in different shades of white and cream. Even versatile burlap which comes in ivory and natural can add interesting texture to your tables and centerpieces. Be My Valentine! Red & Pink - OK, I'll admit this is a stretch, even for a dyed-in-the wool pink lover like myself, but I have seen some truly amazing combinations of red and pink that were simply stunning. With this combo, you need to be careful about the color red and pink you choose. Hot pink and red...not so much...pale pink and red... ahh, yes, gorgeous! You really need to underplay the use of this palette to avoid it looking a little Valentine-y, but if you don't morph into overkill, it can turn out looking elegant instead of cheesy. For a classic look, pull in some silver touches like mercury glass with your centerpieces. Put your bridesmaids in blush pink short dresses with red rose or peony bouquets and have groomsmen wear pale grey suits with pink ties and hints of red handkerchiefs poking out of their bread pocket. Your friends will call you crazy until they see the effect all together at your wedding, then they'll call you innovative and daring! I'll Have A Margarita, Please! Sweet Lilac & Margarita- I'll admit these were stripped straight from the Pantone Hot Color Chart, but can you imagine this dynamic color duo? In 2011, pewter and eggplant, grey and plum, purple and silver were done to death. This is such a fresh and light approach to the heavy handed purples we saw last year with the fun zing of a soft lime added to the mix. With the innovative things florists are now doing with shades of green in bouquets including green hydrangeas and Bells Of Ireland, your bridesmaids could wear dresses in lavender tones and look incredible. Lilac, like blue, is a color that looks great on just about everyone, whether of fair or dark complexion and can be paired with either gold or silver. Somewhere Over The Rainbow Wedding Rainbow - Before you start saying I've taken leave of my senses on this one, hear me out. Can you remember being stuck in a hideously ugly bridesmaid's gown of some horrendous color, but you did it, because you loved your friend? Well, this is not one of those times. Although you could dress each of your bridesmaids in a different color of the rainbow of your/their choosing, why not try dressing them all in black, (groomsmen, too) with fun rainbow splashes of color in parasols, bouquets, shoes, socks, boutonnieres, and ties. Trendy and summery accents like pinwheels would be great with a rainbow-themed decor, but if you really want your wedding to stand out, why not do a complete "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" wedding complete with ruby slippers for you and a yellow brick road rose petal aisle runner? Weddings don't have to be stiff and staid affairs anymore, so a rainbow theme wedding would be great for the young and young at heart. Olive Green & Topaz - Ahhh, the colors of fall, rich, vibrant, gorgeous....but some of them, including chocolate brown done to death in recent years. Chocolate brown and green, chocolate brown and blue, chocolate brown and pink...enough, enough! Surely, there are other fall wedding colors besides chocolate brown and ________! Enter olive green and topaz. Yellow topaz, being the birthstone for the month of November, and olive green, a warm and inviting color with a masculine feel, make a great color combination for an autumn or woodlands theme wedding. Also absolutely gorgeous with either gold or silver accents, blinged out tree branches would look great with this duo as would moss, gold mercury glass, or tree round cake stands. And imagine some topaz color heels with sparkly rhinestone accents peeking out from under your gown or an olive green sash with topaz colored beaded accents. Awesome...that's you! Break Out The Champagne...And Black! Champagne and Black- Champagne, just the name brings to mind elegance, doesn't it? And the color itself...not gold, not silver, not beige or pink, but a shimmery mixture of all of these is just amazingly beautiful. Set off by flickering votives and paired with dramatic black, it will lend an air of wealth and richness to your wedding even if you and your groom are on the champagne taste/beer budget program! Imagine black satin tablecloths with champagne colored pintuck runners and a white onwhite palette of flowers or ostrich feathers springing from tall Eiffel tower vases...simply breathtaking! Peach & Silver- Amazingly, peach has staged somewhat of a comeback. If you're a young bride, you probably don't remember the peach and seafoam green of the 80's. Seems everyone and their mother had a bathroom in those colors. Kind of brings back some ugly flashbacks for those who lived it....ugh. Seafoam is actually staging it's own little mini-comeback, as seen in some recent trunk shows of wedding gowns in unusual colors, as well as mint green. I can buy seafoam and peach separately, but together again? Absolutely not! In this case, reunited doesn't feel so good, but how about the lovely and very subtle combination of peach and silver? Peach and cream roses perched in silver mint julep cups, bridesmaids in peach gowns with silver sashes and groomsmen in grey tuxes with peach excellent, cool color combination for spring, summer, even winter.
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by on February 12, 2014
Buying an engagement ring is a daunting task. It’s the abiding symbol of your relationship so a decision you want to get right! Libertin’s is an international marketplace for antique and luxury jewelry who surveyed 400 women about what they're looking for in an engagement ring. Hopefully the results of our survey of what women want from their engagement ring will lend a helping hand. Check it out below…       
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by on March 2, 2013
Jessica Wolfe, owner/head photographer of Adorro Impressions Photography, is known for creating elegant wedding photos for her clients. Based out of Montreal, Canada, Jessica shoots primarily in the surrounding area although she happily use her talents abroad as well! What makes this wedding photographer stand out from the rest? She will not only capture your special day, but also specializes in boudoir photography, ensuring that all brides will have something fun and beautiful to surprise their grooms with!   “I loved the idea of capturing a single moment in time. Looking back and reflecting on an image, it’s memories and beauty, naturally this inspired me to a become a photographer.”   It is no wonder that Jessica is able to capture every element of the wedding day beautifully- She received her first camera at the young age of 4! (A pink Kodak camera to be exact) Jessica has now been a professional photographer for ten years, not counting the many stuffed animal photos taken in those early days.   Jessica wants her clients to feel on top of the world. She helps accomplish this by sharing the beauty that she sees behind the lens with her romantic style and elegant touch.   Where does she get her inspiration for such photos? In the early stages of her career, Jessica would flip through the glamorous pages of Vanity Fair and admired the work of Annie Leibovitz. Ethereal sculptures and paintings at the Louvre Museum also had an impact on her work, as Jessica tries to convey the same emotion in her photos.   Jessica considers each wedding a new and unique experience. Case in point: She was covering a wedding last spring and found herself climbing a tree to get the perfect shot. We’re sure her clients didn’t question her dedication to her job!   “I feel it is a privilege and honor to take part in these most sacred and special events of my clients lives. To capture the heart and essence of the moment is my priority as a photographer.”   Fun (and we think totally endearing) fact? Jessica cries at every single wedding! “It’s embarrassing!” She says. “Luckily my face is usually hidden behind the camera!”   Want to see more elegant wedding photos from Jessica? Visit Adorro Impressions Photography.  
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by on February 1, 2018
            Of course brides come in all shapes and sizes, but it can be difficult for plus-sized brides to find that perfect dress. This is because the average sample wedding dress available at most stores for brides to try on come in size 8. If you're a curvy bride, check out these tips to remember when shopping for your wedding dress. Call Ahead – If you're worried that some bridal shops may not have your size in sample dresses, why not save time by calling ahead to ask. Get a list of a few shops in your area or contact a dress maker to find out if they offer plus-size wedding gowns. Set a Budget – No bride should ever go dress shopping without setting a budget unless she's incredibly rich. It's best to set a budget before beginning your wedding dress shopping to avoid disappointment when you can't afford the one you fall in love with. Choose the Right Material – In order to look your best on your special day, choose a wedding dress that is made out of a thick material that will hold you in and smooth everything out. Avoid gowns made with silk or satin and instead opt for ones constructed with a fabric like taffeta. Opt for Comfort – Whatever you do, make sure you feel extremely comfortable in the wedding dress you choose. There's nothing worse than being uncomfortable and fidgeting with your dress on your big day when you're supposed to be having a blast with family and friends. Be Confident – You shouldn't ever be afraid to try on different styles you never thought you would wear or ask the bridal consultant for a large size. Don't be ashamed of your size, own your curves and strut your stuff when you try on gowns. Have Fun – Plus-size or not, always remember to have fun when shopping for your wedding gown. This should be a time to create beautiful memories, not stress yourself out.
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by on October 29, 2013
(image credit: doesn't want to look awesome on their wedding day? Every woman dreams of being a glowing and gorgeous bride, the cynosure of all eyes, a picture to proudly remember forever.A peaches-and-milk complexion is very much a part of this picture. And the good news is that the glow you so want is achievable but it won't come overnight. There is a process behind it that you will have to diligently follow  to achieve the best results.We realize the Internet is more than full of tips and tricks to prep your skin for wedding, which is why we are not going to look at the most suggestions everybody starts with – cleanse, tone, moisturize, apply sunscreen; drink lots of water, etc.We are assuming you already know that and are ready to take it further. We will, however, insist that you achieve your glow the health way and not the makeup way alone. We are more than certain that the following suggestions will stand you in good stead and give you the complexion you desire. Eat at least one fresh fruit a day, preferably for breakfastWater-based fruits like oranges, melons, grapes, cranberries, and pomegranates are manna for your skin. They contain a host of nutrients that contribute to your overall health as well. Consume these at the breakfast as your body needs these nutrients the most as it prepares to deal with the upcoming demands of your day. Also, if you have your fruit in the morning you will not feel bad about ingesting sugar considering that your body needs sugar this time of the day!Up your protein intakeProtein aids in repairing the wear and tear in our bodies, which is why we need a good dose of it on a daily basis. But did you know that our body's need for protein shoots up when we are sick, traveling, or under stress? It doesn't matter whether it is physical, mental, or emotional stress since it all puts our body through strain and has a negative effect on our health.Wedding preparations are an exciting but also very stressful time. There will be a million demands on your energy and your attention will be pulled in many different directions.All of which will affect your skin. If you want to emerge from this period looking better than ever than it's not enough to just sleep well. You will also have to correspondingly increase your intake of protein so that your body has plenty of it when carrying out repair work in the night.This is the time to feast on sushi, sashimi, shellfish, chicken, lean beef, eggs, or any good protein of your choice. Make sure to ingest in the region of 90-100 grams of protein a day. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, turn to a respected whey protein supplement for best results. Keep your diet high in anti-oxidantsTake multi-vitamin supplements regularly. But on top of that we also recommend a separate daily intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin E (or any Omega 3) supplements. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals in our bodies which are primarily responsible for aging. Have you ever noticed how traditionally coastal cultures, or cultures with a high consumption of sea food, usually produce people with the best skins? By the 'best skin' we mean skin that keeps looking flawless, glowing, and young even when it's well into its 40s. The secret is the protein and the ample amount of anti-oxidants in the seafood.  Scrub your skin every other dayJust like you should not work out vigorously every single day, similarly you should not exfoliate your delicate facial skin daily either. Give your skin some time to recover form the previous scrubbing or you will end up harming your skin. Buy the best scrub you can find and apply it to your face gently every other day, preferably before going to bed. Apply a retinoid cream at nightRetinoid creams are quite popular and trusted for ridding your face of pigmentation, acne, scars, even fine lines. They give your skin a tightness that brings about an inimitable glow. Apply a good retinoid cream on a clean face for a couple of hours each night. Wash it out thoroughly before going to bed. For overnight recovery, turn to a medicated lotion that fights pigmentation and evens out the skin tone as you sleep. Do breathing exercisesYou most likely will have an exercise regimen ahead of your wedding, which is great. But don't stop there. Include yogic breathing exercises in your routine as well. These will bring a ruddiness to your facial skin, which will have others wondering what you have been up to!For hair......remember the golden rule: Any foods and supplements that are good for your skin are also good for your hair.By introducing a lot of protein and good fats into your diet you have already strengthened the building blocks of your hair. Once that is taken care of, turn to external applications. For thick and dry hair we recommend using a strong and nourishing keratin hair mask/treatment at least once a week. Same goes for if you have colored hair or hair treated to a lot of heat and chemicals on a regular basis. Apply smoothing serums liberally once the hair is washed and prior to blow drying it or using heat on it. As a rule sleep with your hair tied up in a satin wrap. General tips to look great on your wedding day: Avoid foods that bloat you up. Eat for functionality rather than taste. Meditate for at least an hour or two the night previous. Breathe deeply as you go off to sleep. Rehearse walking around in your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, hair and makeup for at least a few hours days before your wedding so that you will know what to tweak, and will be perfectly ready when the big day comes.  Store your wedding dress well. (Check out a website like to find fun hanger ideas.) Don't get into arguments. Learn to ignore anything that threatens to upset you. Keep your focus right and your mind calm. Drop silly expectations and enjoy your day!
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by on September 27, 2013
A wedding is a huge occasion in a woman’s life and the wedding dress is what you will celebrate it in, so we can understand if you are flustered with the options for a truly memorable gown. We say, simply refer to your body shape for best guidance. Now we know it’s hardly flattering to refer to living entities as apples, pears, or bananas, and you have our apology at the start of it all, but this nomenclature has been in place for a while. Rather than pay too much attention to the words themselves it would help to understand the concept behind them. Roundness lacks definition, as does a straight line. The aim should be to break this monotony, and create curves in the right places to obtain a flattering silhouette. Let this be your rule of thumb then. It’s all about creating definition, proportions, and the right silhouette. Anything that is looking too big or out of proportion with regard to the rest of the body, should either be clothed in a way that slims it down. Or you could enhance other parts to create an overall proportion. In each case you strive to create a balance. While many styles may suit different body types, we have presented here some of the best styles for each body type. So without further adieu, here goes! For pears Women with heavier bottoms than busts are classified as ‘pears’. Your butt is your asset. Play it off with a body hugging dress that enhances your attractive posterior. Straps or longer sleeves on top will lend a nice balance to your frame. A detailed lace work along the sleeves will also impart a delicate touch to the gown. If straps do not engage your fancy, opt for strapless dresses with in-built padded bras to enhance your bust. A one-shoulder strap will also create just enough body on the top and lend a good balance to your heavier bottom. For apples Apples, as the label suggests, are rounder on the top than they are lower down. They are also referred to as ‘top-heavy’. You will be well-served by gowns that start flaring down at the waist, with preferably a cinch just below the rib cage to give your midsection definition. This bounce will act as a good counterweight to your heavier arms and bust. Depending on whether you have arm fat that is bothering you, you can opt to go sleeveless and settle on thin straps that stay perched at the end of each shoulder. The ‘V’ that forms going into your décolletage will lend a superbly feminine touch to your ensemble. It will also create an hourglass-like shape for you, balanced by the flounce of the gown.   They will give your body a soft, feminine touch. Avoid long sleeves as they will only contribute to your roundness which is what we are steering you away from. Sleeves with a stiff collar, the type that Kate Middleton wore for her wedding, may take the edge off your rounded shoulders and may even look good but will also make you look mature. For bananas (aka columns) This happens to be the most common body shape in the general population, with one study putting it at 40%. This body shape typically lacks curves (hence the word column). Think of the tall runway models, most of them have got to be a banana though it’s difficult to tell what one’s true body shape is when one is so skinny. This body type can pull of androgynous clothes the best and never have a problem slipping into their jeans or blazers. When it comes to dresses, however, it’s a different story as dresses are best served by curves. An A-line gown will do wonders for this body type. That’s because it will create a feminine silhouette for you. At the same time, a dress that hugs you in the middle and flares out as it goes downward will also create a pretty girly silhouette.   For hourglasses As far as curves are concerned, this is one blessed body shape. However, it also runs the risk of being branded heavy, voluptuous, and plain fat the frame gets heavier by just a few pounds. The reason being that in this body shape both the bust and the hips are rather full, of equal size, so any additional fat makes them look even bigger, while also expanding the waist. As we have seen with other body shapes, a plus can quickly become a negative if there’s too much of it. Which is why you ought to take your body fat into account as much as its original body shape. If you are heavy around the middle, opt for a gown that hugs you ever so slightly around the middle and flares considerable as it falls all the way to your ankles. A strapless bodice that shows off those fabulous shoulders and bust will only enhance your sexiness. If you are a slim hourglass, on the other hand, a mermaid gown will make you look divine. Conclusion: Many women do not fit any shape to the T, or despite knowing their true body shape they may not be able to find clothes that flatter them the most because of weight fluctuation. How you style yourself depends as much on your basic body shape as it does on what rests on that shape – skin &bones, muscles, and fat. If you happen to be at a stage in life where you are getting married and are not sure of your shape and are not finding any popular advice on this of much help, you might want to consider getting a custom made dress, which will be tailored to your unique shape. We hope this post has given you enough ideas about how to balance your proportions regardless of if you are top heavy or bottom heavy. Now find a great dressmaker and design for yourself a wedding gown to remember!
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by on October 5, 2019
The Classy Montreal shop exuded an air of sophistication as I made my way past the suited mannequins to meet with president of Classy Formal Wear, Mr. Antonio Marchetti and account director Sabrina Marchetti. They welcomed me to the sunlit backdrop of men’s attire to discuss the latest trends in suits and formalwear as well as the interesting history which brought the Classy brand back to the forefront of men’s attire.  The Classy name has been around for decades. Mr. Marchetti, then a salesman, worked at the first Classy store in 1973. “It was an empire,” he tells me as he recalls the landmark shop in the heart of downtown Montreal. He talks about the pride he takes in his work and in serving the industry which has been a part of his life for 42 years. Although the business faced some turbulent times Mr. Marchetti, now president of Classy Formal Wear, remained steadfast in his determination to bring “The Classy Man” back.  He and his daughter are passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to translating that energy to their clients. “I wanted to resuscitate it,” he says about a business that is so dear to his heart.Looking around, the walls were lined with inspiration for the debonair man. A variety of styles and shades of suits and tuxedos were exhibited on either side of the showroom. To the right, tall windows brought the sunshine in. Next to the fitting rooms, comfortable chairs and sofas defined the area where customers try on their suits and discuss possibilities. I pause to gaze at a young man trying on a blue suit. “I have served their fathers,” Mr. Marchetti says nostalgically. His unique savoir-faire and Sabrina’s modern approach to the classics allows clients to experience the best of both worlds. They can select from a wide range of the latest designer collections in suits and tuxedos to buy or rent. And, for the finishing touch, they choose stylish accessories such as bow-ties and ascots, formal vests and shoes. Whether a man is looking for the right cufflinks to complete his look or for contrasting suspenders to bring out his trendy side, he can find it all in one location. With a staff that is qualified and knowledgeable, with 20 years of experience each, they know their field very well. They are proficient and professional and always there to guide you to make the best choice that suits your needs.The classy man is revived.  “Everything is done here, from dry cleaning and pressing to tailoring,” he says. Comfort, passion, trust; this is what they want to offer their clients, “a peace of mind—one place to serve you from A-Z.” by: Anna Lombardos
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by on March 24, 2013
  Vous devez se sentir nerveux avant votre mariage, vos soucis de votre robe de mariée et d'autres choses. Vous pouvez penser à que si vos robe de mariée sont belles à l'autre est yeux, en particulier votre époux, si vous serez la plus belle femme dans le mariage. Il est certain que chaque mariée veut exprimer sa beauté et le style le plus passionnant vie du moment. Vous devez également essayer votre meilleur pour explorer des robes de mariée les plus satisfaisantes. Bien sûr, si vous êtes riche et un statut élevé, vous pouvez nommé un célèbre designer d'adapter pour vous. Il ou elle va certainement d'adapter les robes de mariée juste vous faire une belle mariée. Mais si vous êtes des gens ordinaires, il faut tenir compte d'autres problèmes. Si vous pouvez dépenser beaucoup de temps et énergie pour préparer votre mariage robes. Pour choisir les robes de mariée droite, prenez en compte le style, la couleur et autres éléments. Tout d'abord, lorsque vous sélectionnez le style de votre robe de mariée, vous devez considérer votre silhouette. Vous savez, c'est le plus beau moment dans votre vie, vous voulez bien sûr porter les robes de mariée qui peuvent mettre en valeur votre beauté et couvrir vos lacunes. Avec vos robes de mariée sélectionnées avec soin, vous venez juste les yeux de vos invités avec admiration. La robe de mariée convient généralement pour presque chaque type de corps. Si vous êtes assez mince, vous pouvez essayer la robe trompette avec une longue traine. Le corsage serré et la partie autour de la taille peuvent montrer vos courbes charmants. ont clairement recognization sur votre silhouette est la clé pour trouver une robe de mariée qui peut flatter les courbes de votre corps et en même temps mettre en évidence votre individualité. Après avoir décidé le style, vous devez choisir votre couleur. Dans la plupart des cas, les personnes choisiront blanc dont l'acronyme bonheur, de sainteté et de fidélité. Mais avec la tendance de la mode, quelques autres couleurs commencent à s'inquiéter, comme le rose, rouge et vert. En fait, le principe le plus important est adaptée pour la couleur de votre peau. Si vous êtes branché et courageux, même le noir peut être appliqué à la conception de votre robe de mariée. Last but not least, vous devez considérer certains détails de votre mariage. Par exemple, si vous choisissez d'organiser votre mariage dans l'église, il peut être un respect manque pour le clergé. Et vous pouvez décider de que la durée du mariage robes de queue selon les éléments réels. Après avoir sélectionné par les facteurs mentionnés ci-dessus, il peut rester un petit choix de montant. Ainsi, vous pouvez choisir celui qui que vous convient facilement. Vous pouvez l'acheter dans la boutique de détail en mode hors connexion, en faisant cela, que vous devrez marcher ce magasin à l'autre. Il vous faudra beaucoup d'énergie. Et vous pouvez choisir de l'acheter dans la boutique en ligne, en faisant cela, vous pouvez vous asseoir devant l'ordinateur et sélectionnez sur le site Web. Certaines boutiques en ligne est très dévouée pour faire les brides satisfaits. Parfois il ya un rabais, alors coopéré avec une bonne boutique en ligne sera un enregistrement du temps et d'argent. Il vous suffit de confirmer votre taille avec eux, ils offriront que vous êtes le meilleur service. N'oubliez pas que votre sont la belle mariée dans le monde si vous êtes le plus heureux.            
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by on September 12, 2013
Finding the right dress for a special occasion is not always easy when shopping at department stores. Although there are a lot of items in these stores, they generally are not original. Many women want to find a dress is unique. They’re looking for a dress that is suited to their individual shape. At the same time, it is important to find a design that is stylish. Custom made dresses are a good way to achieve the look that you want. Companies like offer women terrific options when it comes to unique dress styles. Every woman has the opportunity to design the dress that they want. They choose the style, shape and length of the dress. It is also possible to select a vivid color for your special dress design. Custom dresses are tailored to accentuate your figure. These dresses can be purchased for any event or occasion. You can find formal and casual dress designs to choose from. Each dress is designed to accommodate the event. These dresses can be worn for more than one occasion. You can purchase as many custom dress designs as you want. Within 14 days you will typically have your dress in your hands. Shopping for store brands doesn’t bring the same satisfaction as knowing that you have an original style. These dress options allow you to be prepared for all of your upcoming events. Non-Store Alternatives What suits a special event more than a special dress? Prom dresses and evening dresses can be purchased here. You will have the option of choosing a length that best suits you. One of the best things about shopping for custom dresses is being involved in the design process. The measurements of each custom dress are tailored to your figure. This is usually not the case when you purchase event dresses in department stores. Having the assurance that you dress fits perfectly is invaluable. You can make a stunning impression at business events or family celebrations with your custom made dress. The fashion details of your design will be totally up to you. Party Dress Options There are many different party events throughout the year. Some of these formal parties are cultural family events like a Quincenera. The birthday girls aren’t the only one wearing a fashionable dress at these parties. This is why women are shopping for unique dress styles. Your dress will inevitably be caught in party photographs. You can take stunning shots when you’re wearing the right dress. Dresses that are fitted properly and that accentuate are great options. These party dresses are available in different styles. Chiffon long one-shoulder designs are very popular party dresses. You can even accommodate parties that have unique color schemes. Custom dresses are designed in vivid colors and shades.  Special Event Styles You don’t have to stress out about finding a dress for special events. There are professional custom made dress sites on the internet. is an example of this type of web store. You can use these resources to design dresses for balls, galas and various other special events. Dresses in this category come in various lengths. A-Line Strapless Tea Length styles are terrific for formal events. Long skirts styles can be worn, as well. Formal dresses can be designed with contemporary details. These options help women to select styles that are complimentary. Shape selections include mermaid and sheath styles. Custom evening dresses are available with custom designs. You will have the choice of colors for your dress. This is a good way to match accessories for your event. Celebration Dress Designs There are great celebrations each year where formal dresses are worn. Women often want something more than store brand selections. It doesn’t matter, what the event is these days. You can design a custom dress with the help of companies that make dresses. Celebration dresses are made with a number of details. Here are some of the common details selected: - Strapless - Off-Shoulder - One-Shoulder - Layered Skirt - Straight Skirt One reason women decide on custom dresses is to have a dress that is original. You don’t have to be the person of honor to make an impression. Modern and classic dress styles can work for celebration events. Birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations often are commemorated with parties. Attendees shop for ensembles that really make them standout from all the other dresses in the room. Cocktail Dress Selections Almost every week there’s a cocktail event going on. Last minute purchases don’t always accent your figure. When you purchase dresses that are custom made for you, you will look great. Cocktail dresses are fun styles to wear. They come in a variety of designs and styles. These dresses are also terrific designs to showcase color. Off-shoulder and strapless designs are some of the most common styles. Most cocktail dress styles have short lengths. Trendy dresses can be designed with mini skirt lengths. Chiffon layered skirts and knee length straight skirts are popular. You can purchase a selection of these cocktail party dresses for your use. Experimenting with colors and fabrics is a sensational way to make a statement. This will help you to be ready at any time to attend any cocktail party without a care. The main thing about purchasing unique dresses is being original. Stunning dresses are memorable highlights. Women who’ve had trouble finding styles in department stores love custom dresses. These treasures accentuate individual features. They are designed to your liking and offer you the opportunity to steal the show. You can design multiple dresses for your upcoming events. This assures that you’ll look great and feel great about your appearance.
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by on January 19, 2013
For the future bride and groom who are already well advanced in the preparation of their wedding planning process; Reserve the Date Events offers partial planning services to ensure that everything goes as planned and smoothly. From securing last minute vendors, marrying together your creative ideas into a perfect final product and serving as your middle point of contact for all involved parties. All we want for our clients is peace of mind and a stress free experience. Moreover, we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy your special day.  
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by on June 18, 2013
    Your wedding gown is one of your most precious possessions. It is the symbol of an important event in your life and should be treated with special care. Preserve your wedding gown as a keepsake, perhaps for your own daughter to wear on her wedding day. Memories last forever! So should the look of your bridal gown. THE CLEANING PROCESS Your distinct wedding gown is first inspected for stains, loose beads and open seams. All repairs are tended to before the cleaning process. Your delicate gown is then pre-treated for stain removal and is professionally cleaned by our skilled garment care specialists using the finest and most gentle products available on the market today. Unlike traditional dry cleaning methods which require a temperature of 170 F to remove the Perc from the garment, our especially designed Miele program for wedding dresses will ensure that all delicate beading will not get damaged during the cleaning process. This technology also applies to evening gowns which contain delicate beading. THE HAND FINISHING PROCESS & INSPECTION Your wedding gown is then hand finished by a skilled hand-presser who delicately presses every part of your wedding gown as though it was to be worn that day. Our in house seamstress who has an extensive background in Bridal attire will inspect the dress for any tears or minor rips at which time we will repair them at no extra charge. THE PRESERVATION PROCESS Your precious wedding gown is then precisely placed in an acid-free, lignin-free preservation chest which allows the fabric to breathe while protecting against the damages of light, dust and mildew. Acid-free tissue paper is used to cushion each fold of your wedding gown to maintain the designer's delicate line and drape. The preservation chest with a gown viewing window is then sealed. An outer protection box is then placed over the acid-free chest to further protect against dust and light. THE FINAL STEP – STORAGE Properly storing your heirloom package is a vital step to the preservation process. Store your package in a cool, dry dark environment. Some suggestions are under a bed or in a closet on a level floor. Moisture may be detected in most attics and basements, therefore, never store in these locations.  
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