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Traiteur Bon Appetit

Traiteur Bon Appetit

For more than 20 years, the team behind Bon Appetit goes above and beyond to satisfy each event we cater to. No detail is left unattended and each request is personally attended to.

The company was built on strong principles introduced by its founders. These principles include: quality service and products, delicious food, a unique and custom way of cooking and not to count the hours worked. Above all, it is the passion which drives everything forward. We understand the complexity and detail of our service that is why we attend to each event with dedication and close attention.

We are proud to be categorized as one of the top quality caterers in Montreal and its surroundings.

The success story of Traiteur bon Appetit started in 1991 while the future partners, one alumni from ITHQ and the other specializing in marketing noticed an opportunity in the food service industry. No caterer in Montreal specialized in a cuisine labelled “Italian”. The operations starting in their private basements and in no time, they were able to invest in a 900 sq foot space and some appliances.

Since the company has grown and expanded it, today the team counts more than 100 members and is proud to continually offer personalized service with a passion.


Weddings & Personal Events

We understand the importance of each event and that is why no detail goes unattended and all requests are attended to.

For any type of celebration, let it be wedding, outdoor weddings, anniversaries or private dinners, we ensure your event is a culinary success.

We work with you on the menu selection, prepare tastings, oversee the decorations of the tables and most of all ensure each plate is presented perfectly for everyone of your special guests.

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